Specialty Swatches 2x2 pieces

Specialty Swatches 2x2 pieces

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Swatches -- 2 x 2 pieces

You will receive 1 of each color of the Specialty vinyls -- 77 colors

All swatches are labeled on the back

Colors and vinyl types:

Sports:  Basketball and Football

Faux Sequins:  Steel Knights Faux Armor, Red Dragon Scales, Black Dragon Scales

Razzle Dazzle:  Light Silver, Pink, Silver and Blue

Leatherette Leatherlike: Brown, Fleshtone Beige 

Mermaid Scales: Holographic and Rainbow

Faux Tooled Leather: Black, Bourbon, Wine and Dark Brown

Doba: Fleshtone

Rainbow: Watercolor, Hexagon, Speckled, Static, Houndstooth and Circles

Sneaker Vinyl

Polka Dots:  Red, Hot Pink, Red w/white dots, Pink w/white dots

Holographic Rain Drop:  Purple, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green

Lips and Silver Lips

Raised Dots:  Turquoise, Pink, Teal, Light Blue, Purple, Light Brown and Cayenne

Lizard Scales:  Sand and Copper

Cork Fabric:  Maple, Oak, Ash, Mahongany and Walnut

Damask:  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Stripes:  Lilac, Silver, Blue, Green, Dark Blue, Red, Pink and Peach

Bubble Glitter Scales:  Lime and Green

Puppies:  Puppy Heaven w/ White Background, Puppy Heaven w/ Gray Background, Puppy Heaven w/ Brown Background

Flamingos:  Flamingos w/ Blue Background, Flamingos w/ Brown Background

Gator:  Jade and Emerald

Plaids:  Red, White, Black Larger Plaid, and White/Black Larger Plaid and Small Buffalo Plaid

Cheetah Print:  Cream, Black/White

Green and Black Thistle





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